Season Eight, Episode Five

Television Show cancelled.

After producing seven full seasons of Church, The Television Show and the four preceding episodes of Season Eight, ▲Church Publishing  could no longer support author Cosmo Starlight plus the company’s internet infrastructure collecting donations alone. Starlight wrote about fifteen additional episodes of Church, The Television Show and had plans for nearly thirty more yet trouble with technology coupled with a lack of funds led Church Publishing to ask Cosmo Starlight to write novels instead.

The television show you’ve read thus far for free has generated $1 in donation. So, if you’re a fan of Starlight’s then support this author by purchasing a copy of his first novel Freedom Incorporated and consider purchasing that novel’s sequel Freedom Afrika. A description of Starlight’s “Freedom Afrika” is also published here.

Though exploring ways to publish this television show in other formats, ▲Church would like to keep this version on the internet for free. Starlight has to earn a living writing novels but the company believes in Church. To complete this television show please donate then enjoy reading the first 48 episodes free!

External Funding Collected for Church, The Television Show to Date: $1

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