Follow along with Noodle Church as he joins the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot then gets placed inside a Mafia nightspot to unwittingly spy for The National Counter Terrorism Center as it tries to prevent the next attack on American soil. Witness Noodle try to figure out what’s going on as his life is torn apart, he’s poisoned, and left for dead before being healed by Aliens who turn his skin blue then lead Noodle and agents pursuing him on a wild chase to contain the Terrorist once and for all. A must read for anyone working in the Intelligence Community.

Church, the Television Show was written by Cosmo Starlight. It is an incomplete web-series produced by ▲Church Publishing. After working on Church, The Television Show for a year, Starlight now spends an increasing amount of his time focused on writing novels. To read a novel spun-off from Church, The Television Show visit Freedom Incorporated at the publisher’s website or learn more about author Cosmo Starlight by viewing his bio.

Church Publishing produced seven full seasons of Church, the Television Show including more than forty two episodes. The company also published a partial eighth season. Under Bookmarks, along the right hand side of this site readers can connect to the first episode of each season. Start with Season One, Prologue then navigate using arrows at the end of each episode.

Also read any of the four non-fiction articles beneath Background which set Church, The Television Show  and offer readers a look into the Surveillance State. Church Publishing will produce additional seasons written by author Cosmo Starlight but that’s contingent on funding that keeps Noodle’s story free. This web series was written and produced for free but it’s copyrighted material so ▲Church prohibits any reproductions of text, story, characters, or images without prior written consent. For Novels visit Church Publishing Studio.


Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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